Friday, November 19, 2010

Touch the Mountains - Mountain Flights

If you can't climb mountains, then fly to it. 
Here in Nepal, you get an opportunity to see the highest mountains of the world like never before. Through Mountain Flights, you can see and feel the majesty of peaks like Mt. Makalu, Cho Yu, Gaurishakar, Ganesh, Lotshe and the highest peak of the world Mt.Everest. Many airlines provide one hour of scenic flight which starts from Tribhuwan International Airport all the way to Mt. Everest and back to Kathmandu.
Here are some pictures. Enjoy!


  1. pictures ramro lagyo yar..dami blog gardo raichau...

  2. great pictures and nice description too.

  3. Babbal 6 da yo post chai. dami post and wonner ful pics. This blogs's post are so great dat i cant miss any of the post. Great job and keep it up.
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